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The Barrio de San Matías Jalatlaco has its origins in the year 1486 as a settlement of Mexica soldiers; It is part of the zone of historical monuments of the City of Oaxaca de Juárez and its Catholic temple was erected in honor of San Matías, it was built at the end of the 17th century and declared a historical monument in 1941.

In its cobbled streets you can enjoy an atmosphere of ancient times, with lanterns and adobe and quarry houses, where formerly its inhabitants were engaged in leather tanning and saddlery.

Currently, the Jalatlaco neighborhood, as it is commonly known, in the midst of modernity, preserves the pride of its origins, which is reflected in its inhabitants, as well as in its traditional physiognomy, its festivities such as the renowned Comparsa de Muertos and their altars in the month of November.

In this neighborhood, artistic and cultural expressions converge, as well as various activities that amaze national and international visitors and represent a way of economic development for its inhabitants.

Best of oaxaca jalatlaco church
best of oaxaca downtown photo

Downtown Oaxaca


Oaxaca Cenro, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a colonial destination in the capital city of the  state of the same name. One can admire the impressive historic monuments ( there are more than 900 such monuments alone in the downtown area), the Zocalo ( the town square), the Cathedral of Santo domingo as well as its Cultural Center, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Museum of Pre-Hispanic Art and  the Rufino Tamayo muuseum.

Strolling down ALCALA,the mian pedestrain street, you will pass many cafes, shops and restaurant, not to mention the architecture of the nearly 500 year old city.

best of oaxaca santo domingo

Santo Domingo Complex


The Cultural Center Santo Domingo is a cultural complex that is located in what was one of the most important convents of the colony. It is a large convent in which the Museum of Cultures of Oaxaca, the Fray Francisco de Burgoa Library and the Ethnobotanical Garden have been established. In a construction that is part of the whole but of the nineteenth century, is the Hemeroteca Pública Néstor Sánchez. Apart from all these institutions gathered together, the Santo Domingo Cultural Center has a multipurpose space in the former convent, where temporary exhibitions, conferences, courses, book presentations and concerts are held, among many other activities. It is located just 5 blocks due West of the apartments.

best of oaxaca markets

Nearby Markets


Oaxaca city has no shortage of markets. There are of course the very large markets of the city, Abastos and 20 de Noviembre, but the smaller neighborhood markets are equally as nice with each having their own charm. The closet of these is just 4 blocks away and is called the Mercado de la Merced, or just simply, the Merced. Here you can find just about anything you need to prepare your meals, meats, poultry, vegetable and fruit stands, breads and of course a wide range of tortilla types. There are very good stalls within the market to partake of breakfast or lunch. These smaller markets are geared mostly for the mid-day meal, so they close early, somewhere around 3 pm or so. Sunday is market day for the Merced which means it doubles in size with vendors setting up shop on the outside of the building. Sunday is a great day to shop, have breakfast and just relax.

Monte Alban and other Ruins


The Oaxaca Valley is home to several known ruins constructed by the indigenous peoples called the Zapotecs and Mixtecas. These include, but are not limited to Monte Alban, Mitla, Yagul, Atzompa, Zaachila and Dainzú. The most notable, Montle Alban, can be reach by car within 30 minutes while the furthest, Mitla, is not more than an hour away. These ruins have stood the test of time and offer an excellent view into the culture of the people and their city. These ruins were constructed from around 500 BC - 790 AD. The Oaxaca valley is known world-wide for its archeological sites, it's artifacts and stories and you should try to work in at least one of these precious sites while in Oaxaca.

best of oaxaca monte alban
best of oaxaca street food

Evening Street Food Tours


It is no secret that Oaxaca is home to the most diverse food and drink on the planet so allow Alma de mi Tierra to introduce you to this world at night through a Oaxaca food tour. We want you to enjoy the best the area has to offer.  Partake of what the locals eat in the evening, their vitamin "T" ; Tacos, tostadas, tamales and tyludas as well as other foods and drinks. Walk and eat your way through our neighborhood of Jalatlaco and join us on our street food tours to treat your taste buds to authentic dishes of Oaxaca that the locals enjoy every day.

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